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Literature Review on Online Shopping Experience



The present research explores the concept of consumer shopping experience in a digital environment. The research investigates the factors that render consumers decisions regarding the online shopping the research takes on the advance parameters and communicates why consumers would recommend online shopping to friends and family. The consumer decision to choose among the digital and store based purchasing is grounded on certain parameters and situation hence this research will tend to explore these parameters.


The e-commerce that is popular and very well known among the youth as grown ups. The consumer has been of seeking advance technologies in involving the purchase of different scenario in the diverse circumstances (Laudon and Trave, 2007).

The digital format of the purchase is critical and its becoming more importance as the communication in the this type of purchases is very vital to the consumers decision for rendering purchase or not (Chaffey, 2007).

The satisfaction comes when the consumer can have a feel of the product can estimate what type of quality will the product and product features will be in order to make an online purchase. Since the consumer is very sensitive towards the type of data communicated it becomes critical to maintain a seamlessly flawless communication so that enhanced customer experience can be achieved (Xiao and Benbasat, 2007).

Literature Review

The literature review explores the theoretical concepts of the research and develops a strong rationale for the research. Literature Review is the most important part since it explains the topic and clarifies the concepts involved to develop the research towards maturity after considering various factors.


E-commerce is the termed used for electronic exchange of goods and services for a payment. There are various consumer business channels that are used to communicate the information regarding the product and services. The channel defines how the product will reach the consumer and the marketing processes adopted (Maity and Dass, 2014). E-commerce is direct channel using which the business can offer its products to consumers.

Customer Service and Online Shopping

E-commerce is a developing technology that has changed how business is performed the consumers have the power to purchase a product from virtually any part of the world. Advent of Internet and network technologies e-commerce have flourish as consumers have found this innovative way of purchasing compelling and value creation is superb. Further development is enhancing and reaching out mobile technology to further increase the value of consumer in purchasing products online (Eid, 2011). The mobile apps and mobile Internet is proving to be a disruptive technology that is changing the path of the business of how the game is played without giving a chance.

Cryptography and E-commerce

Consumers greatest concern is security where they need to have faith that if they are providing their valuable personal information it would be kept safe and not subjected to individuals with malicious intent (Yasin, Haseeb and Qureshi., 2012). The sense of security brings out the satisfaction that leads to decision of making an online purchase. Cryptographic techniques are being used to secure the access of consumer to the products. Hence ultimately reducing the burden off the consumer and taking on the responsibility of providing safe and secure environment.

Supply chain and Online Shopping

Supply chain efficiency determines how effectively the product will be delivered to the client after the order has been placed (Zhou, Ma and Chen, 2011). The distribution network formulation leads the organization to achieve the operational efficiency and delivering the product in time. The positive experience leads the consumer making a recurrent purchase. Online Shopping experience thou reduces the channels and connect directly to the consumers hence having an integrated supply chain network is source of competitive advantage.

E-commerce as Business Model

Currently the consumer trends show an increased interest in the online shopping hence existing businesses have to alter their business model and tailoring according to the needs of the consumers and business to achieve increase profitability (Chaffey, 2011). E-commerce is becoming an essential part of the corporate strategy and a necessity in order to engage consumers. E-commerce can reduced cost and then converge in to increased revenue. Electronic catalogue when improved by visual merchandising, then online stores provide the consumer with the requisite motivation to make a purchase hence increasing the revenues (Andam, 2014).



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