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Literature Review on Social Media and Work Environment”

1. Introduction

Everything happen in the life leaves its impact either positive or negative .Similarly the use of social media have influence on the working environment of organizations. The organization use social media for the promotion of product and services but the open access of employees to use social media in the corporate culture have negative influence on the performance and productivity of organization. Those employees who use social media in the working hour’s loss its concentration, waste their time so in this situation organization cannot achieve their ultimate objective. This report incorporate the factor that influence the work productivity by the use of social media.

Media is the source of communication and share knowledge among the peoples. They are many form of media like electronic media, print media and social media. Today the most effective and vast using form of media is social media. In social media people create social interaction with each other through sharing of personal feeling, thoughts, information, videos and pictures But it all depend upon internet .Due to advance in technology the needs and wants of people are change. The living standard are improving day by date that why by people need a platform on which the communication is faster and they can express their view and thoughts with rest of world. This is reason due to which social media is rapidly growing with passage of time.

The companies allows employees to use media in the working environment because it is helpful for worker training, idea generation, creativity and to learn the better ways for the improvement of productivity. The number of good and service that worker produce in the specific period of time is named as work productivity. In this modern era the employees operate machine for the production of products that need worker concentration and efficiency. The machine work on the time frame need in the manufacture of products. The employees are the valuable asset of the organization that why they need facilities that are useful for them in the working environment.

The organization capture the mind of the customer with the help of advertisement. Majority of the organization use the faster and cheaper source of communication that is social media. The social media is the cheaper, faster as well as reliable source of advertisement for any kind of businesses. The organization need the feedback from the consumer to create innovation in new products and modified the existing product. Now a days the people use social network more and they feel comfortable in expressing the feeling and share their experiences about product and services via social media. That’s why consumer try to know the experience of other before buying the products and companies gain the information for modification to sustain the competitive advantage if they have.

            The workforce is the valuable asset for companies so they have to provide them the facilities like safe and healthy environment, internet accessibility, health work timing etc. due to certain reason these facilities are provide in certain limits because the use of social media like Facebook, twitter result in time wastage as well as lack of concentration from major objective. The employees who use social network during working hour cannot complete their assignments or task on time and the data is less accurate and clear then other worker who concentrate on the tasks during work. The confidential information can be easily leaked due the faster communication and the reputation of the companies are on stake when the employees post the status on the social network. There is no authority that oversee the posts of employees and observe that either the employees are spreading the negative word of mouth are not.

2. Literature Review

2.1 Role of Social Media

The role of social media is consider as important in every filed of the world. Now have look on the invention of social media the first sources of communication is email invent in 1971 but its time taken as based on the dial up connection technology so that why not cheaper them post services but later on the advance me of technology lead the organization toward email and other social networking site. The first social media site is Sixdegree and it is launched in 1997.In the site peoples make the friends and know about each other publicly. Sixdegree attracted the millions of people but they failed it sustain this service so that why service is closed in 2000 permanently. (danah m. boyd, 2008).This change in the technology is adopt in the 2005 after the launching of the Facebook they had attracted million of the people and they are the pioneer of introducing the advertisement via social media. (danah m. boyd, 2008).

2.2 Technology and Use of Social Media

Due to change in the organization culture and new technology, the use of social media is become the common habit among worker in all the companies. In the starting social media was adopted due to its so many benefits like time to time update the new, faster as well as cheaper communication that manager can analysis the workers. Social media is deliberated as awesome resource for business world. For example, it has credit with helping employees and introduce the innovation and get knowledge from rest of world. Research has shown that employees who utilize social media are nine percent more productive in the workplace (Qualman, 2012.). 

The Instagram is a site dedicated to taking pictures and allowing them to tell an entire story allow members to immediately see the creativity in works of a friend and can aid the user to innovation new ideas. These sites are a valuable resources that can help new ideas for work.

Social media is not only helping employees become more productive, it is allowing them to stay Current with market trends and issues important to consumers as well as the general public. By staying informed in these areas, employees are also better prepared to troubleshoot potential setbacks and are more likely to create good public relations through the work they are doing.

Currently about seventy percent of organizations around the world use social media. Studies have found that firms that incorporate social media as a part of their business operations are most likely to grow faster than the companies who have not yet used it. The main benefit to social media is that it is free. (Koo, 2011)

Social media is use as marketing tool because it can attract the all those people who are using social media like Twitter and Facebook have more than 1 billion users. Most of friend like to recommend the product that they experience excellent to other friend. Due to this reason social media is use as source of publicity of product and services at cheaper rate without any effort except high quality product and services. It is observed by research that people using social media prefer to purchase the products that they friend recommend and have high rated on social media by the people who consume them. This is an opportunity that any companies can avail at any time with bearing minor cost. In other prospective certain high quality product are neglect consumer due to the propaganda done by the competitor on social media. If any group rate the negative feedback on social network then its influence the sale of companies and discourage the worker who put their effort on its production. (Turel, 2012)

Social media can also help workforce to establish bonding among workers because they can share their trouble in the work and solves their problems. This social relationship among worker is useful to improve the working. This help to worker to understand the thinking feeling motive and attitude of the people around them. Employees should be comfortable in the working situation so they need to feel social and fun environment in the office. If the employees have better understanding among them that result as increase job satisfaction, this is due to influence social media on company performance. The certain jobs may in the end require a certain number welcoming the potential employee may be and it is not only employees who are beginning to benefit from the implementation of social media, studies have shown that the software needed to sustain these sites is growing into a booming business, and companies are more than willing to purchase the necessary software (Fraser, 2012). 

A major threats arise with regard to social media presence that is company and their employer’s insecurity of privacy. The employer of company may claim that what is posted online is not private, but public information. The employees work under the examination always have the fear of inspection this is also the cause of lack of concentration in work and reduce confidence of doing work .The lack of privacy on social media sites affect those group of people which use social media to gain knowledge and generate innovative ideas regarding their task and duties. The employees who did not care before commenting about company and his management may damage company reputation and taking the risk of job loss. Similarly in past summer a designer at Nike was in trouble because he insulted Derrick Rose for not wearing Nike gear. This statement effectively ended future deals that Nike could have made with Derrick Rose that could have been valued in millions of dollars. (danah m. boyd, 2008)

There are another issue arises due to the use of social media is discuss here. Social media has negative effect on worker productivity which is calculates by using this equation: 

Productivity = Value / Time.

 Productivity can be decreased by decreasing value and increasing time required so value of work suffer which ultimately influence the product quality. Social media require time to use and takes away value. This may decrease the productivity due the wastage of time on the social media and the quality of work also suffers due to lack of concentration in the performing the tasks.


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